Top 3 Tips for Storing Tailgating Items

Before you know it we will be cheering on our teams in the super bowl, are you ready to celebrate? Seasonal storage does help make every cookout or sporting event a little easier, knowing you have a safe place to store it when the game is over. The simplicity of having everything all in one spot, will keep you organized and stress free. Brooks Mini Storage knows there are those who tailgate all year long and those who go out in the prime of the season; either way the following tailgating tips will make it a success.

Kinston NC seasonal storage

Make it spotless

If you are the champ of the grill, keep your well seasoned cooking surfaces clean. While in storage, rodents can smell leftover food and think this is a feast all for them. So, to ensure your belongings are not harmed by animals, wipe the grill and any other trays or coolers that held food.

Care for the canopy

Those harsh sun rays make cookouts tough, but with a canopy you have the protection you need. Make sure your canopy has the care it needs to last for many games to come. Repair torn areas and scratches to the frame. If these are not taken care of from game to game, it may mean replacing the topper or frame.

Games before the game

A quick game of Frisbee or tossing the football keeps everyone’s game day spirits high. One way to remember the outdoor yard games is to keep them all in one bin or bag for easy grabbing. When you get to your storage unit you will be very focused on getting to the game, so have a plan of what needs taken out and make it accessible.

Tailgating adds extra excitement and team moral but to keep your moral up as well, use our Kinston NC storage units to protect your belongings before and after the game.

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