Storage Auctions Helping Our Community

Brooks Mini Storage is working with Charity Storage to take a positive spin on storage auctions in Kinston NC. How can a storage auction help our community? Charity Storage is a nationally known organization that is giving back to multiple charities and you can help. See how you can be part of the event by talking with our Kinston NC storage team today!

Founders Barry Hoeven and Lance Watkins began Charity Storage to bridge the gap between storage and the community.

Storage Auctions Kinston NC

How You Can Partake

  1. After cleaning out your house or storage unit, drop off unwanted items during office hours.
  2. Mention our partnership with Charity Storage to the on-site storage manager.
  3. We will set your items aside in a designated storage unit until the space is full.
  4. Once the storage unit is full we will host an online storage auction.
  5. After the bidding has closed the proceeds will go to several organizations.

Customers storing at Brooks Mini Storage can help too! Moving out of your storage unit? Donate items you no longer want!

Anyone in the Kinston NC community can donate as well! After your yard sale or seasonal cleanup, pack everything up and drop it off with our store manager.

Our Partnership

Who are we giving the proceeds to? After the online storage auction is complete, we will be donating to 3 charities through Charity Storage.

60% goes to the American Heart Association

20% to Kure It Cancer, also founded by Barry Hoeven

10% will be giving to the Self Storage Association Foundation Scholarship

Charity Storage: What It Is All About

Brooks Mini Storage is proud to be working with the community and this organization to take a positive turn for storage auctions in Kinston NC. You can participate all year long.

Donate today and support more than one great cause with our Kinston NC charity storage location.

Check back next month to see what local business we are working with to finish out our charity season.

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