Spring Cleaning

It’s spring, time for your annual major cleaning! Time to rotate out the things you store and home and the things in your storage unit at Brooks Mini Storage. Maybe you store your shorts in the winter and sweaters in the summer. Are you ready to pull your lawnmower, weed whacker, and gardening tools out of storage and finally replace them in the unit with your snow blower?

Some Spring Cleaning Tips:
  1. Clean out Closets – We recommend separating things into five groups: Give Away, Recycle, Throw Away, Store, and Keep at Home. Then, refill the closet with only the items you’ve chosen to keep at home. What a difference it will make!
  2. Tackle the Attic and Basement Next – use the same strategy you used above. You will likely be surprised to find some things you haven’t seen or used in years!
  3.  De-clutter your Living Spaces – look at all bookshelves, dresser tops, counters. Do you really need everything displayed on them? Now that there is more room in your closets, maybe you can tuck some of those trinkets away. A clear space promotes a clear head!
  4. Time to Clean – With all of that stuff out of the way, cleaning is much easier. Blast the music, open the windows, and make a day of it! Annual jobs like cleaning the curtains, steam cleaning carpets, testing smoke detectors, cleaning out the dryer vent, and flipping mattresses should be done now. This type of cleaning is actually therapeutic to many people. You’ll feel great about your accomplishment and the clean house you’re living in will help relieve stress.

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