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Whether you are selling your first home or you have been down this road before, it is a stressful time. Organization is key and with Brooks Mini Storage in Kinston NC it is possible. Chances are you are looking for the next place to hang up your hat, first we need to get your home looking sharp for the open house. Self storage units in Kinston NC are perfect to store belongings as you pack.

This month we are focusing on selling your house and how our space can make your home the dream buy for another family.

Kinston NC self storage units

Simple staging ideas

You do not have to hire a professional to make your space look amazing. Keep things simple by moving the couch, lighting, pictures, etc. in a way that is conducive to an open floor plan. Clearing the floor is the first task. Then tackle painting the walls; just remember to take it one step at a time. After you have made your decision of what stays and what goes, pack it away with one of our small storage units.

Colors, decorations and more

Many realtors will tell you to keep your color scheme neutral. That can be tough with kids. If you have a heavily themed room, simply pack some things away. Sometimes there is enough time to paint but this is not a priority. Try to incorporate the neutral colors from another spot into this room.

Key areas

Buyers tend to look at three things when house shopping, the kitchen, bathroom, and storage. The bathroom and kitchen are best showcased when simplified. Keep the counters free of mail and appliances. The rule to stick with for these rooms, is if you do not use it everyday store it elsewhere. As for storage around the house, make sure your attic and basement are in order.

There are many things to remember when preparing to sell your house. Before you post the open house, follow these tips to make your house sell a little faster. Brooks Mini Storage knows how to make your next Kinston, NC storage experience a successful one.

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