Self Storage Tips: Prepping for Seasonal Storage

At Brooks Mini Storage, find your fall storage options with the help of our experts. We have drive up units that are suited for storing the whole house or just a few summer tools. Our experts will give you the self storage tips you need to get your belongings in an ideal storage unit. After taking a tour of our property, let us know how we can best make your transition into the new season easier.

Self Storage Tips Kinston NC

Gardening Equipment

  1. Most small storage units support the avid gardeners. In order to stay organized in your unit, use large barrels for storing rakes and shovels.
  2. Sand down wooden handles and give them a new layer of paint if nessecary.
  3. Sharpen the edges of shovels and blades on tools used to trim the yard. Do not forget about the lawn mower blades.

Clothing in storage, and how to pack

  1. Loosely folding clothes helps prevent wrinkles and deep set creases. If you have formal wear, consider storing them in a wardrobe box.
  2. Now is a great time to sort through your clothes and store items you wear during the season. Donate clothes that no long fit or you do not wear.
  3. Label the box and have the label facing out, so it is easily found in the storage unit.

Storing the grill

  1. As we approach tailgating season, move the grill front and center in the storage unit, so it is easily accessible. Clean it after each cookout to remove food and prevent animals in your storage unit.
  2. Rust can be an issue with fluctuating temperatures, and to avoid damage to metal while in storage, a light layer of oil will do the trick.
  3. At our Kinston NC storage facility we take preventative measures to keep critters out. Help us, by cleaning utensils and appliances that are used with food.

Our Kinston NC storage facility can be the storage solution you are looking for this fall. Our storage experts can guide you through your next storage rental or you can choose your unit online.

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