Where to recycle near Kinston, NC

Are you preparing for cooler months? With the help of Brooks Mini Storage we will guide you through the best ways to recycle your summer gear. When the summer trips are done and the kids are on their way to school, it is time for you to start organizing for winter. Use our guide to find the best spot to recycle your belongings.

recycle Kinston, NC

Whether you are tackling the office, home or storage unit staying organized is key. Create a section for discard, recycling and keep. Go through everything before storing until next year. This is an easy way to minimize what goes in your unit and helps you give back to your community.

A quick way to find out who recycles specific materials in your Kinston, NC area contact the local recycling center. Many times your curbside service will accept more than the traditional glass, cans, and paper. Always verify with them before placing odd items in your bin for pick up.

If you are an avid reader and need to make room on the shelves, consider donating to the public library or school in need. With the new school year approaching teachers and librarians are searching for material to help their students learn.

While packing the shorts and tank tops away, go through and remove any articles of clothing you have out grown or  not used this season. Donate them to a local Goodwill, Salvation Army or thrift store. You can also consider donating to a local shelter or soup kitchen.

Enjoy all the season has to offer with our help. Whether you need space to keep camping gear or the best place to recycle in Kinston NC, Brooks Mini Storage can help. For items you want to save for next year, contact a storage professional about renting a public storage unit today.

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