Packing for storage before you arrive

How can our storage prepare you for spring and summer? As the weather gets warmer the thought of getting your home or business organized is front and center. Brooks Mini Storage packing tips are making the spring season more enjoyable. With a little more room around the house you can host the first backyard BBQ. Our Kinston, NC storage options provide a key to the perfect arrangement in your home. Take the first steps below and see a difference with the help of your Brooks Mini Storage experts.

Kinston NC storage packing tips

  • First determine which unit will work for your situation. Let our experts help when it comes to making this decision or our online calculator.
  • Assemble enough boxes, tape, labels and anything else you think you will need for moving.
  • When packing your belongings keep any heavy groups to the small boxes and light fluffy items to the large containers.
  • Put a list of what is inside the box so everyone can see it. Clearly mark where it needs to go if going to a new home.
  • Fill pen spaces while packing boxes and when packing the storage unit.
  • Have a plan for when you arrive at the storage unit. Make sure the professional movers or friends know where the boxes need to go.
  • When you are loading the truck think how it will get unloaded. The items coming out of the truck first will be towards the back of your unit.
  • Make sure any breakables are secure with a layer in between each piece so nothing breaks on the way to the unit.

With Brooks Mini Storage packing tips you have expert knowledge to start your spring move now. Enjoy the outdoors while we protect your belongings. Get the house in order and move everything back in after an extensive cleaning. Whatever your latest home improvement project is, our Kinston NC storage units will make it easier.

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