Moving and Storage Tips for A Cross Country Move

Moving down the street or making a cross country move, self storage can be a valuable resource. Moving can be stressful, especially when moving to another state, with these tips and checklists your move can start on the right note.

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Cross Country Move Kinston NC

Re-Stock the Pantry

How often do you go through your cabinets or dry stock pantry? If you are not going through it at least once every other month, you may have a few holes after cleaning it before a move. After going through the cabinets and dry food stock your new home may be lacking on some basics. If you have not restocked in a while, use this printable checklist to make shopping a little easier. From basic spices, to dry goods, find a list of helpful things to pick up at the store.

Update Your Information

Plan ahead and update your address sooner rather than later. You can notify certain businesses about your move once you have a set date. Update your address with doctors offices, dentist, and local clubs in your new state and previous state.

  1. Start with the post office. Have your mail forwarded to your new address and utilize the 1 month grace period to contact other mailing lists you may be on.
  2. Make your driver’s license the second task on your list. Head to your DMV and fill out the paperwork for an address change.
  3. Businesses to notify:
    1. Credit Card
    2. Insurance Agencies
    3. Student Loans
    4. Financial Aid
    5. Bank and Credit Unions

If you plan on staying in the same state but moving neighborhoods, you can let your utility companies know you are moving a few days before the final sale.

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