Holiday Decoration Storage Tips for Kinston, NC

Looking for a sign that it is time to pack up your holiday decorations? Well, this is it, but do not worry. Brooks Mini Storage has self storage near you for holiday decoration storage in Kinston, NC. Keep all your decorations in a safe place without taking up valuable storage space in your home. Talk with us today about how our Kinston self storage can help you! Follow our decoration storage tips below for an easy packing experience.

Holiday decoration storage

Top Holiday Decoration Storage Tips to Keep Your Belongings Organized Until Next Year

Give Your Tree Protection

Your artificial Christmas tree cannot stand in a storage unit on its own. Pack it away into a tree bag or the box it originally came in to protect it from damage. You can gently bound the limbs to keep it compact, and you should include padding to prevent needles from falling out. Bubble wrap and newspaper can fill in the extra space to keep the tree from moving around inside the box during transportation.

Pad Your Ornament Box

As the holiday season comes to a close, it’s essential to carefully store your cherished ornaments to ensure they remain in pristine condition for years to come. Begin by gathering soft packing materials such as bubble wrap, tissue paper, or even old towels and linens. Gently wrap each ornament individually, paying special attention to delicate or fragile pieces. For added protection, consider using divided storage boxes or containers with separate compartments, which can prevent ornaments from knocking into each other during storage. Alternatively, repurpose empty egg cartons or plastic cups to create custom dividers within a larger storage container.

Be sure to label each container with its contents, so you can easily locate and unpack your ornaments next holiday season. By taking the time to pack your holiday ornaments with care, you’ll preserve their beauty and sentimental value, making each future holiday season even more special and memorable.

Create a Wrapping Supplies Container

You can create one container with wrapping supplies for all the seasons that you keep handy in your bedroom. Use under-the-bed or over-the-door storage containers to keep everything discreet but still in reach. You can also store them in a moisture-proof container in your storage unit with the rest of your holiday decorations. Look into temperature-controlled storage options for storing sensitive materials, like wrapping paper and holiday cards.

Rent Holiday Decoration Storage in Kinston, NC, at Brooks Mini Storage

Ready to get started with Brooks Mini Storage? Our friendly staff is ready to help you find the storage you need at our secure local facility. Whether you need vehicle storage or holiday decoration storage in Kinston NC, our self storage units have your covered. We offer drive-up and temperature-controlled storage options, as well as outdoor parking spaces. Rent or reserve your storage with us today through our online storage rentals! We provide all the tools and resources you need to compare our available storage units and find the best fit for your budget and situation.

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