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Now that summer is on the way, are you noticing items you are not using? Consider selling them! Brooks Mini Storage has suggestions to help your items sell online and take back your space at home. When the seasons change, it is common to find items you no longer use, but how do you get rid of them? If they are still working or can benefit someone else, there are websites to sell your belongings. Brooks Mini Storage can be a safe place for your keepsakes and valuables you want to keep.

Our Kinston NC storage units can be the transition your items need from home to an online sale. Brooks Mini Storage has drive up storage units for your household items, and temperature controlled units for businesses with products.

Sell Online Kinston NC

Tips To Post Items Online

  1. Take clear photos; they will help customers get the best idea of your product.
  2. Be clear and concise with your description, add dimensions and details about the piece your buyer is concerned with.
  3. Sell items in groups. Selling summer clothing all in one group may have more interest than just one piece at a time. Plus you can also sell your extra items all in one fast sale.
  4. Most of the sites do not allow anything related to alcohol to be posted.
  5. If you are selling something that is broken or just for parts, tell interested customers right away.

Websites to Sell Items Online

  1. Facebook Marketplace
  2. Offer Up
  3. Let Go
  4. Ebay

Brooks Mini Storage is here during your move from the apartment to your first home and when you decide it is time to remove extra items. We can be the safe place your items need in order to get them posted online and sold.

Our leases are month to month so you do not have a long term contract to worry about. Speaking with our storage experts will assist you with your next move to storage. Our Kinston NC self storage can be the answer for your online products or household items, just let us know how we can help.

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