Boat Storage Tips for Long Term Storage

How do you store your boat in the off season? Even though many of us wish we could be on the water all year long, sometimes it is better to store your boat until the weather cooperates. Our Kinston NC boat storage tips will point you in the right direction for a successful storing experience.

Here at Brooks Mini Storage we provide the tips and self storage solutions for storing all your gear.

Get started with these 5 tips for storing a boat.

Kinston NC Boat Storage

  • A proper cover will keep rain and debris from affecting the exterior of the boat.
  • Place a chock behind the boat trailer to keep it from rolling. Do not forget to check the trailer tires for proper pressure; a flat spot can form if tires are not filled to the maximum psi.
  • Loosening the drive belt or simply removing it, can prolong the life of your belt.
  • If your boat has a cabin, clean out cabinets and the fridge. Leaving the fridge door open will allow for proper airflow and keep mold from growing.
  • Plug any openings with steal wool to prevent animals from coming inside.

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Our Kinston NC boat storage tips can be a vital part to staying organized this summer. Let us know how we can best serve your self storage needs. Get started today by checking out our storage calculator as well as choosing your storage unit online. We aim to make finding self storage in Kinston NC fast, easy and secure.

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