7 Ways to Choose the Perfect Storage Facility

Have you wanted to put some of your items into storage, but are hesitant because you don’t know how to choose the perfect storage facility?  It’s not uncommon for many people to have concerns; after all, they’re entrusting their articles in a space that isn’t on their property. Brooks Mini Storage wants you to rest easy knowing your belongings are safe. Use this check list to keep your belongings safe!

We’ve come up with a checklist that should help you out if you’re considering the ideal storage unit for you, your family or your company.

1.    Find a storage unit that has lighting.

Not all storage units are equipped with electric lighting, but it’s highly recommended.  Otherwise, you’ll only be able to easily access the unit during the daytime hours.

2.    Look for a storage unit with climate control.

If you’ll be storing items that would best be kept in low humidity and even temperatures, ensure your storage unit has those amenities.

3.    Check the security at the storage facility.

Some storage units are more secure than others.  Visit any units you’re considering to determine if the security is what you expect.

4.    Ask friends, family members and colleagues for storage unit recommendations.

You might be surprised at how many people in your lives already rent storage units for personal or business use.  Find out the ones they trust most.

5.    Examine the storage unit you’re considering.

Don’t be afraid to thoroughly inspect the corners and entryways.  A good storage unit should be clean and should have no access points where water or critters can get inside.  If there is a quarter-inch hole, an intrepid, determined mouse can squeeze through it.

6.    Look for a storage facility with the rental options you need.

Storage facilities’ agreements vary widely, so figure out what you’ll need in terms of square footage, and then ask about rental policies and commitments.

7.    Ask for references… and call them.

Although many people ask for references, they don’t always follow through and call the people.  Though it will take some time, it’s an important step.

You are paying for the perfect place to house your items, so make sure to take the process seriously and complete your due diligence.  That way, you’ll have no unexpected surprises!

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About the Author: Katie Mest is an SEO Specialist at Storage Asset Management in York, PA. She specializes in writing about the self storage industry, including storage tips and helpful resources. Outside of work, Katie enjoys camping, hiking, and exploring the outdoors with her newly adopted Greyhound rescue, Titan.