10 Reasons You Might Need Storage

When would you need self storage? How can extra space help you? Brooks Mini Storage has 10 reasons our Kinston NC affordable storage options come in handy. 10 different ways to use storage can help you find extra space at home and organization at a stressful time. See how storing with Brooks Mini Storage can benefit your space saving needs.

You Might Need Storage If…

  1. Putting your house on the market.
  2. Downsizing your home or helping a family member downsize.
  3. Renovating a basement, attic, or other storage area.
  4. Moving out of your dorm room.
  5. Traveling for work.
  6. Stocking up on business supplies.
  7. Starting an online business.
  8. Helping a family member in assisted living.
  9. Storing seasonal items.
  10. Keeping your keepsakes protected.

The options for storing your belongings are endless with Brooks Mini Storage. Self storage is meant to alleviate your worries during a big life change. Whether helping your parents ease into retirement or getting ready for the baby on the way, our Kinston NC affordable storage can be the answers.

Not only do we have storage units in Kinston NC we also have peace of mind, customer service, and more! Brooks Mini Storage is more than storage!

Kinston NC Affordable Storage

Secure Storage

Our gate is only accessible through a personalized keypad code. That means only those storing here can access the facility. We even take our security to another level with our on site managers constantly checking the facility. Not only do they ensure the drive isles are clear but they are there to keep an eye on everything.


Finding a place to store your extra gear nearby home or work can be high on your must-have list. Brooks Mini Storage has storage on J P Harrison Boulevard right off NC-11.

Your Neighbor

Our store managers work hard to keep Brooks Mini Storage safe and a convenient option for our customers. Along with a convenient secure storage unit, we feature local businesses. These connections are there to help you in your time of need. Ready to move? Need to clean up your house before it goes on the market? Check out Andover Park Apartments or Harrell Pressure Washing, both our neighborhood friends. Find Kinston NC businesses right for the job on our neighborhood friends board.

When you decide self storage way to go, Brooks Mini Storage is here to help. Check out our storage rentals online or come in to talk with us. We are here to offer you the peace of mind you need.

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